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We've been awarded a National Lottery grant at BELTA!

We are delighted to have been awarded a £30,000 Cost of Living Grant by The National Lottery Community Fund, toward the development of the Bristol Estate Community Room!

Funding from the Community Organisations Cost of Living Fund delivered by The National Lottery Community Fund, has helped us to continue to provide our current services and improve our facilities. Thanks to the Government for making this possible.

The Government’s Community Organisations Cost of Living Fund is being delivered by The National Lottery Community Fund, the largest community funder in the UK, and grants support charities and community organisations in England at the frontline of dealing with the increase in the cost-of-living.

The Trustees looked to refurbish the floor to a modern wood-style lino. This was to replace the old flooring that had been showing signs of wear and tear and was due a refurbishment. The new flooring included H&S safety grip flooring for the kitchen area, to professional standards to reduce the risk of slipping of everyone who uses the kitchen space. We also purchased new storage cupboards and cabinets with the grant. Storage was becoming a bit tight, so this now helps BELTA continue to expand our features within the centre for people to enjoy and use! 

You may have seen the new Valencian blinds that have been installed, adding to the "living room" feel of the centre, and so people aren't blinded by the sunny days (and to ignore the rainy weather!) as well as secluding the space during the evenings for privacy during private bookings.

We were looking at improving the ramp access within the hall as well, and have revitalised it to ensure the centre maintains its ability to be accessible to all.

We’re excited to continue the work on our current services and continue to make improvements to our facilities with this grant…keep an eye out for more updates!

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