There are currently 1000 Bristol Estate residents living across 33 low-rise blocks.  We are a strong neighbourhood, our Covid 19 response shows in the toughest of times we pull together to look after each other.


Things are not always perfect but we have the people and the capacity here to make life better, more fulfilled, we can create opportunities for each other – whether that’s access to low cost nutritious food, green spaces around our estate that we can use and enjoy, a strong neighbourhood support team, a low cost café/restaurant that everyone can enjoy, community sport teams using the Manor Gym, a year round programme of free or low cost courses, activities, events that any of us can participate in for fun, social reasons or to help develop some new career skills or build on skills we have.


BELTA trustees support the community we’ll work to generate community funds, ensuring our resources are used wisely, looking after and maintaining our shared community assets including: buildings like the community room, the community kitchen/café, storage rooms, artists studios, our allotment and green spaces our shared equipment and facilities. It is through consultation with residents that we move forward.


From September we plan to hold Resident Association Meetings three times a year provisionally.

September, Jan, May,


We now need to find a representative from each block to attend these meetings.

Could that representative be you?

Please read more here if you’re interested in taking up this volunteer role. All volunteer roles are supported, we offer training and you’ll join a friendly team where you can develop new skills. Most of all you’ll be in a position to really bring benefit to your block and our community.


Block Reps and volunteers leading projects across the estate along with any other resident who would like to attend can join us at Resident Association meetings. Our meetings are places where we discuss how we move things forward. We are an accountable and transparent organization, the Board of Trustees (all volunteers themselves) will provide an updated 4 month neighbourhood  review, present our financial reports and listen to act on issues raised.


This is an ambitious plan,  every resident has a role to play. Lockdown means that at the moment (April 2020) our energy and resource is directed to our community response  particularly our Emergency Food Hub and that’s where focus remains. But we’d like to share our work, new structures and plans that are taking place behind the scenes with you now – so you have time to think how you might like to get involved



March – July  2020
Emergency Food Hub

Numbers accessing the service grow daily and our energy is directed here to help the community get through this challenging time


May – Sept  2020
Isolation Gardens at the Community Allotment, 

transforming green spaces for people to use if they need it


May – September  2020
Online building up a new group of block reps

September 2020
First Residents meeting at the Community Hub. Neighbourhood discussion and plans for the future