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BELTA is completely led by volunteers comprising tenants and leaseholders (including artists with studio leases) from across the estate. We value our volunteers, they bring benefit to the community.  Volunteers benefit from the experience too, by volunteering you can learn new skills, meet like minded people expand your talents and even have experiences that might help develop or kickstart a career.


There's lots of volunteer roles available from office coordinator, kitchen assistant/cleaner, block representative, community allotment gardener, exhibition assistant, chef , activities/events support and more...

Everyone is welcome to get involved , volunteer from 3 hours a week to 3 days a week, all support makes a difference. We believe in sharing skills and offer training & support to help you take on a volunteering role.


Bristol Estate Leaseholders & Tenants Assoc. A volunteer community led CIC located in East Brighton. UK

East Brighton Neighbourhood Plan

Email: info@belta-brighton.co.uk

Phone: 01273 675741

Registered Charity: currently updating

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Bristol Estate resident (leaseholder / tenant / art studio leaseholder) Do you have questions? Are there any issues you'd like more information about?

Email us at office@belta-brighton.co.uk


Telephone: (01273)  675741 (Community Hub Office)
Please tell us your name, email address and the block that you live at along with your message


You can also post questions on Facebook : Bristol Estate Leaseholders And Tenants Association (BELTA)

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