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WEA Free/Low Cost Courses

Check out the new programme.

New courses with the WEA

Transferable Skills Course code C3746610 This course will enable participants to identify their transferable skills and learn job searching techniques to enable them to make a positive application for work. Starting 16/06/21 Wednesday, 1 week, 10-12.30pm, Cost: £8

Start Your Own Business Course code C3746611 Participants will learn about market research, about types of companies and the mandatory requirements in setting up a business. Students will learn how to write a business plan and understand what a marketing plan looks like. Starting 02/07/21 Friday, 3 weeks, 1-3pm, Cost: £19.20

Exercise classes

Move to Music Course code C3746943 A seated or standing dance and exercise class for all ages and abilities. We will enjoy music from the good old days and a few modern favourites. Get your feet tapping, your arms waving and your face smiling. This is a relaxed sociable class with time for a chat too. Adults with disabilities are very welcome. The tutor is a Dementia friend and happy for everyone of any age or ability to join in.. Starting 01/07/21 Thursday, 3 weeks, 10-11am, Cost: £9.60

Get Up and Dance! Course code C3746940 Get ready to dance around and have fun. The lesson will include a warm up, stretches and a good all over work out based on dance moves to modern pop music. The instructor will explain each move and dance through the workout with you. Expect lots of fun and dance along at your own pace. High and low impact options will be available. Starting 06/07/21 Tuesday, 3 weeks, 9.30-10.30 am, Cost: £9.60

Literature Classes

Literature of the Absurd Course code C3747058 This five week course looks at a series of key texts from the so-called Literature of the Absurd, exploring tenets that call into question the certainty of existential concepts relating to the meaninglessness of life. Starting 17/06/21 Thursday, 5 weeks, 10am-12pm, Cost: £32.00

Only Connect: E.M.Forster’s Howard’s End and the Ethics of Literature Course code C3747075 In this course we'll read E.M. Forster's 1910 novel Howards End in order to ask some bigger questions about the ethical value of literature - what do we hope to gain by reading literature? Can it make us a better, or indeed worse, person? Starting 17/06/21 Thursday, 1 week, 6.30-8pm, Cost: £6.40

Flight Behaviour: An Introduction to the Modern Environmental Novel Course code C3747076 The course will involve a short presentation on Kingsolver's novel, Flight Behaviour, and some of the debates about the environmental novel, followed by a group discussion. Starting 05/07/21 Monday, 1 week, 6.30-8pm, Cost: £6.40

Enrol online or call 0300 303 3464 Courses Free if in receipt of Benefit.

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