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Thank you Food Hub Volunteers

Every day an amazing team of people volunteer time to take orders, plan, clean, prep, cook and deliver up to 50 nutritious cooked lunches and 30 Food parcels

Masked Heroes:

Every volunteer is special, they make a difference to the welfare of so many people every day, We'd like to thank Nancy Platts, Leader of Brighton & Hove City Council who spent Sat 25th April preparing vegetables for weekend meals

Bristol Estate Community Hub now used solely as the Emergency Food Hub, receives donated food from local businesses and charitable organisations such as FareShare, Pale Green dot Farms, Flourpot, Asda and more. We plan menus based on the food that comes in, our cooked lunches are more often than not vegetarian as we receive lots of great produce

We set up just under a month ago and requests for help grows daily

As residents cope with the ongoing challenges Covid 19 brings, we're planning to be on hand to provide all the help we can to our community, please get in touch if you need help, we know many people are struggling but together we will get through this. If you'd like to get involved contact

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