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Successful COVID vaccination sessions at BELTA closing soon

Winter Flub jabs planned

Hello everyone!

Today, I wanted to tell you a little bit about what BELTA has been doing in support of the COVID vaccination programme to ensure people have protected against the virus. I have been working with the Public Health and Mobile Vaccination Unit to provide a local vaccination session on Monday for the past several months.

This service has provided 76 people with vaccinations and provided plenty of people with expert information about the virus and helped them plan and schedule further boosters and precautionary measures they could take to protect themselves and their loved ones from serious health complications.

As a healthcare professional myself, I am very pleased with the offering we have been able to provide. Looking forward to the winter months and the upcoming flu season, I’m hoping to work with the local Pharmacists to provide a flu jab service on our doorstep for those who wish to partake - making healthcare on Bristol Estate highly accessible for all.

Benjamin D’Montigny

BELTA Trustee

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