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Interested in exploring a future in the food industry?

Find your feet in the food industry with BH Food Partnership's exciting new free course.

B&H Food Partnership are re-launching their Kickstart Catering: Pathways into the Food Industry course.

It's a new free course giving people an insight into the food industry, as well as cookery and baking basics tuition and the opportunity to chat to a variety of professionals in the industry at site visits. BH Food Partnership will be mentoring participants to find employment/volunteering opportunities/further training and are offering Food Hygiene training.

Full information can be viewed at

Who can attend?

  • People who are unemployed/ not currently working (including those returning after sick leave/ caring responsibilities etc)

  • Those aged 16+

  • Those who have not been a full-time student for the last six months.

The first, skills-based phase of the course will take place on five mornings over a week. It will include:

  • An introduction to the terminology, tasks and techniques needed for success in the food industry.

  • Masterclasses in essential chef skills and patisserie skills.

  • A focus on front-of-house skills such as body language and presentation.

  • You will also have the opportunity to attend a day’s training to achieve your food hygiene certification.

The second phase includes a chosen industry site visit so you get a feel for life in a restaurant, bakery, factory, school or hotel.

The third phase offers one-to-one support and mentoring as you seek career openings, including introductions to key local employers.

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