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Hidden Homes - proposed new bin areas. Share your views

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Share your views, tell us what you think!

We're sure everyone is aware about the Hidden Homes development currently underway across the Bristol Estate. We need your help, we want to know what you think about the proposal for new bin areas

BH2020_01271 BIN PLAN
Download PDF • 3.50MB

Representatives from BELTA will be meeting Janine Gosling from BHCC/ Hidden Homes early in the new year to discuss the proposed relocation for new bin areas and other future developments.

We'd also like to hear about any damage caused to the estate during Hidden Homes work to date. For example some residents have reported damage to walk ways outside their building. We would value your feedback so we can share this with the Hidden Homes team.

You can download or view the plans here

BH2020_01271 BIN PLAN
Download PDF • 3.50MB

If you feel that these proposals might impact your home , your standard of living or your current access to facilities then have your say please tell us what you think by emailing your views to:

or post a comment directly onto the Bristol Estate Facebook page

You can also see plans at B&H council council planning application BH2020/01271

To summarise, there are four stores:

  • Bowring Way, serving Cherry and Damson – this one will proceed to enable the creation of the new flat in Damson.

  • Bowring Way, serving Pippin, Peach & Apple

  • Chadbourn Close, serving Sorrel

  • Chadbourn Close, serving Thyme & Chervill, Pennyroyal, Saffron & Hyssop.

Some concerns already shared about the planned relocation of the bin area directly outside Apple on Bowring Way include.

This will encourage fly tipping

Waste will not be put into bins correctly

The relocation will encourage vermin/infestation

The proposed placement of the bins will increase unpleasant odors/smells.

Further rubbish will be blown across the estate by seagulls, that frequently attack rubbish bins and open black bags

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