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Grow Your Life Meetup: Food, Fun and Creativity - 20th September

Time & Location

20 Sept, 11:00 – 13:00 Bristol Estate Community Room, 146a Donald Hall Rd, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN2 5DJ, UK

About the event Join us for a game of Adapt, a card game that helps find creative solutions to life's problems. We’ll also be doing some collage and vision boards. There will be food, hot and cold drinks available. We are hoping to link people to local community groups and resources such as sustainable and affordable fresh food and other things that people might find helpful. Finding access to nature in and around the city, as and when people want to. Weaving people care and earth care into sessions, without causing stress, guilt or pressure, no matter what your original resources are. We are using a gentle creative collective approach and finding ways that life gets a little better for everyone, for now and in the long run. Help shape what the future sessions will look like. We are looking to offer a regular space for support, discussion, photography, arty bits, collage, writing, drawing, eating, making food, problem solving, collaborating, relaxing, having fun, exploring, and making plans… Anyone curious about contributing, participating and seeing life change for the better in new, innovative and creative ways are welcome. The Grow Your Life project aims to be a springboard for anyone who has extra struggles or faces discrimination, it is a space for LGBTQIA+, non-binary, minoritised ethnic groups, neurodiverse folk and people with disabilities, but all are welcome wherever you are at. Sessions are parent and carer friendly; let us know if you have a little one who wants to come along. We will have some small play activities available but parents and carers are responsible at all times for their children. If you have any access needs for you and/or any child coming with you, or anything else that might help you attend and enjoy the session please let us know. Start the journey …

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