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Bristol Estate - Hidden Homes progress update

As you may be aware major works are underway as the Hidden Homes project develops.

Brighton & Hove City Council Communities Engagement team has been in touch to express thanks to residents for continued patience during these works.

The following news update about works to the new flats is supplied by Mears and distributed by BHCC Communities Engagement team, you can also download a copy of the newsletter by clicking the link below.

Bristol Estate July Newsletter 2
Download DOC • 506KB

Works Progress - from Bristol Estate Conversions, Major Work Newsletter. July 2020


The heating design has been completed and we have started the install. All pipework has been fitted and will be starting install of the new air source unit next week.

With the heating being installed we have also been able to start fitting out ceilings and insulating external walls. After this we will be plastering, once we have builders supplies.

Hazel / Sorrel

Like Jasmine, the heating pipework has now been fitted. The external and internal units for this system will also be fitted in the next couple of weeks.

Also, we will be putting up the ceilings and insulating the walls in the next week.


The new extensions have been finished. All of the flooring and internal walls have been fitted. The first fix heating, plumbing and electrics have been completed.

The ceilings and external wall insulation will start here in early August.


We have now completed the drainage work and have started fitting the new flooring.

Starting next week we will be fitting new internal walls and then the first fix heating, plumbing and electrics.


We will be creating the new emergency exit on Monday.

Following this we will be blocking off internal access to the empty store room and taking possession of this site.

After this, we will begin knocking down and rebuilding external walls.


Waiting on planning application for the new bin store before works can start.

Please Note:

Due to COVID 19 we are still experiencing a delay with being supplied materials


We would like to apologise to residents in advance for any unavoidable noise caused by this work.

The work being carried out can cause a certain amount of dust and mess. Every effort will be made to clear the areas at the end of each day.

During these works it is advisable to keep your windows and doors closed if you experience excessive dust. We will however try to keep disruption to a minimum.

Identity Cards Notice

All Mears staff and contractors carry an identity card with them at all times.

Sometimes, contractors will not be able to carry ID around their neck due to health and safety issues.

If you have any concerns about the identity of any workmen, please do not hesitate to call one of the site team who will be happy to confirm the identity of the person in question.

Site Setup and Compounds

As many residents will already be aware, we have setup a site compound at the front of Sorrel (Chadborn Close).

This will be the main storage area for the works, as well as where the site toilets, office and welfare are located.

We have added an extra storage container by Damson.

Noise Notice

We understand that some residents have been unhappy with the amount of noise these works are generating.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and are doing everything we can to help control this, e.g. limiting noisy work to 9am and 4pm.

We regret that a certain level of noise is unavoidable and thank residents for their continued understanding.

Who to contact?

Emma Marchant – 07793 707 124

Mears Resident Liaison Officer

Aaron Dane – 07889 711 247

Mears Site Manager

Rob Daley – 07970 637 579

Mears Site Manager

Out of hours contact numbers:

0800 052 6140 / 01273 294409

Our working hours are from 8am until 5pm, Monday to Friday. We will try to limit any drilling, noisy or vibration work to start at 9am, but there may be times where we have to start slightly earlier.

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1 Comment

Kev Clark
Kev Clark
Dec 10, 2022

So we are now approaching 2023 and the homes created on Bristol Estate are still empty. I watched some workmen during the Summer removing the unused fitted carpets from one of the flats. I spoke to the workmen and asked why they were throwing the carpets. He told me there was a problem with the damp proof course in the middle of the bedroom floor. This makes one wonder if the flats are ready for human habitation, if not, why not and if so, why are they still uninhabited.

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