Estate Developments

Estate developments are informed by us, the residents who live on Bristol Estate. Together we can make our views known, share information, make suggestions and propose projects that improve life on our estate. This page will be updated with proposals, updates about ongoing work and other information about planned changes, developments and improvements. This is your place to share opinions, tell us what you think so we can make sure we accurately feedback your views.


The interim Trustee team works with residents leading estate projects,  Councillors, BHCC Community Engagement, Trust for Developing Communities, PCSOs and other organisations that help us develop Bristol Estate. Click the link below to find out more about each area  - please be aware that some pages are under construction, if a link isn't currently operating please visit the page again from 01 Jan 2021

  • Community Safety

  • Hidden Homes

  • Plant your Postcode

  • Pocket Parks

  • Transport and active travel 

  • Estate visits with your local Councillor. 

  • Tidy up Team

  • Community Food

  • Community allotment

  • Community Art Studio

  • Training & Learning opportunities



Bristol Estate Leaseholders & Tenants Assoc. A volunteer community led CIC located in East Brighton. UK

East Brighton Neighbourhood Plan


Phone: 01273 675741

Registered Charity: currently updating

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Bristol Estate resident (leaseholder / tenant / art studio leaseholder) Do you have questions? Are there any issues you'd like more information about?

Email us at


Telephone: (01273)  675741 (Community Hub Office)
Please tell us your name, email address and the block that you live at along with your message


You can also post questions on Facebook : Bristol Estate Leaseholders And Tenants Association (BELTA)

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