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Bristol Estate Showcase 2020

General Information:

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We're no longer hosting the Showcase event on Zoom this Saturday 26th September. Feedback we've received suggests many residents are not familiar with meeting this way. Instead, look out for our online presentation to learn more about projects on Bristol Estate and how to get involved.

The showcase presentation will give you an opportunity to find out more about the interim Trustee team, Councillors, BHCC Community Engagement, Trust for Developing Communities and  PCSOs.  Learn more about current and new projects, how to get involved and work together to build plans around what we feel would benefit Bristol Estate. We'll be discussing proposals and projects like:

  • Community Safety

  • Estate Developments

  • Hidden Homes

  • Plant your Postcode

  • Pocket Parks

  • Transport and active travel e.g: more bike racks and improved bus services

  • Estate visits with your local Councillor. 

  • Tidy up Team

  • Bring and take mini library

  • Lunch Club and pop up cafes with Gleaning network

  • Community allotment

  • Community Art Studio

  • Community annual Arts & Crafts programme

  • Training & Learning opportunities


All residents  have access to the presentation.

Bristol Estate resident (leaseholder / tenant / art studio leaseholder) Do you have questions? Are there any issues you'd like more information about?

Email us at


Telephone: (01273)  675741 (Community Hub Office)
Please tell us your name, email address and the block that you live at along with your message


You can also post questions on Facebook : Bristol Estate Leaseholders And Tenants Association (BELTA)

Guide to attending Zoom meetings



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