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CPRE Sussex - Plant your Postcode Project 

Residents of Bristol Estate can look forward to a series of tree planting over the next few years. Plans have now been produced and a consultation with all residents to voice opinions, thoughts, and offer ways to get involved has just started and will end 30 September 2021. Work on the project will begin Jan 2022


This project was funded through the CPRE Sussex Plant your Postcode project which is generously supported by the Rampion Fund at Sussex Community Foundation and the National Lottery Community Fund.

BRISTOL ESTATE PROPOSED PLANS - our project will be delivered in two phases


Phase 1 – Fund, source and plant all the non-verge trees around the Community Building and adjacent green spaces.




Phase 2 – Fund, source and plant the verge along Bowring Way 




A wonderful variety of trees has been chosen for their aesthetics throughout the year, their unique shapes, and suitability for the area. Wind and soil being some of the main factors of consideration. 


It's anticipated that the trees will also deter verge parking whilst also greatly enhancing the appearance of the area. 

Brighton and Hove City Council Housing Department has given the project the go ahead and Councillor Gill Williams has offered support. The Arboriculture Department has visited the site and plans have been finalised. 


All residents are invited to have a say

The project is overseen by BELTA Trustee and resident Ben. Comments and feedback can be emailed to:

Residents are also invited to comment on all BELTA social media channels 

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